Saturday, August 29, 2009

'淋' 雨中 2

Another BUSTED mistake today!!!

today early in the morning, we took the bus and went to Bukit Mertajam,
for the Merdeka Marching rehearse.
just before i went down the bus,
i saw many people took the water bottles along.
therefore, i also took my own 'tupperware' went down the bus.
one of my friend also did like this.
this was when all 'nightmare' started...........

we brought our drinks along and walked a damn long distance to the starting point.
so.........i put my drinks in a 'secret' place.
at that time, i thought that i was really smart enough,
however.............everything were out of my expectation.

we marched BACK to our bus and straight wanted to go back to PENANG!!!
damn SHIT
my friend and my bottle still at the starting point!!!!!!!
immediately, we informed the bus driver to drive us there, and the driver promised.
really ==, the driver thought that he drove us to the correct petrol station,
how can we knew that there were 2 petronas petrol station around the area!!!
then the driver said that he didn't know the way to another petrol station. really BULLSHIT!!!
this friend made a terrible stupid mistake.
he asked the driver to wait for we 2 to get back our tupperware.
that time......i also didn't know what was i thinking,
just stupidly followed what he said, and didn't oppose anything.
this was my WORST mistake!!!
some more.....outside raining!!!!!!!

we this 2 foolish...........ran in the rain to went back to the place where we put the bottles. our stamina under the rain.....a GOOD experience!!
after a long long long long long long running under the rain......FINALLY, i found my bottles!!!
pity my friend, ran like a mad man, at last found that his bottles dissapeared!!!
he really sad least i done something 'smart', at the same time 'dangerous' !!!!!!
the 'smart' thing was that i went to search for a ride from a MALAY STRANGER!!!
that time my mind really didn't think about 'PERSONAL SAFETY'
straight away........the stranger promise us to brought us back to our bus.
without thinking, my friend and i ride behind the motorbike.
3 people in a small motorbike!!!
some more 3 person without HELMET!!!
we all also quite lucky,
cause we met a police car, and the polices point on us !!! ......................but, they just let us go. HAHAHAHAHAHA. siok lurr. luckily didn't get SAMAN!! PHEWW......
when back to bus.......落汤鸡
Kolien my friend nia,
didn't find his bottle, some more SICK!!
that time, i can feel how lucky i m. haha


  1. Are you sure. When is your country independent day?? You all have marching on that day??

  2. sure gt larr.
    i vry sure u stay in england oso gt tis type of marching.

  3. Got. Our Royal Army, Navy, Air Force and some other organization will march during our national day.

  4. geng d.
    i juz feel tat our country d national dy celebration reli sux